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Bloody Roar Games

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Bloody Roar 3
Primal Fury

Bloody Roar Characters

Yugo 4
Alice 4
Gado 4b
Long 4
Bakuryu 4b
Uriko 4
Jenny 4
Busuzima 4
Shina 4
Stun 4
Shen 4
Xion 4
Kohryu 4
Uranus 4
Cronos 4
Ganesha 4
Ram 4
Reiji 4
Nagi 4
Ryoho dragon 4
Greg 4
Bakuryu1 4
Fox 4
Mitsuko 4

Bloody Roar Manga


Bloody Roar Sound Track

Bloody roar - original soundtrack primal scream

Bloody Roar Community

Bloody Roar Discord Group
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